The work Blindfell from 2015 focus on one of the basic conditions for the confrontation with our surroundings: the sight, and our reception of that which we see or fail to recognize. In order to study this I made improvised, non- functional visual experiments with a focus on the limitation of perception, for example distortion and illusion to try and understand how the eye reacts and what gets lost or gained in the connection between the eyes and the brain. Blindfell investigates the medical history of the eye, myths and legends concerning sight and visual perception through analog photography. I worked with photography, drawing, found materials, textual excerpts, film and slides trying to make use of mistakes, exposure faults, optical illusions and slips of the mind. The title “Blindfell” is old English and means to strike blind/ blindfold, in several of my images the protagonists have been robbed of their possibility to perceive their surroundings and in others the image surface appear as traces on the retina. The work was finalized during a three month residency in Vienna through collaboration with the Josephinum (Museum for Medicine) and the Natural History Museum. This project also took me from Lofoten in Norway to the north of Japan via Sweden and Germany, it was rewarded with a working grant from Stiftung Kunstfond and exhibited in Europe and abroad. 

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