Poster for part three designed by Joachim Bartsch, 2011




"The Stations of the cross"- comissioned work for
St. Andrews Church, Fulham Fields, London.

This project contains a total of fifteen images, seven made
by me and seven by David O'Kane, David's images can be
seen here
We made the last image together. This work was on
display during Lent, 2011, in St.Andrews Church,
Fulham Fields, London. Thank you to Father Martin
Eastwood for giving us a chance to work with this
interesting and rather hard topic.









Station XV, C- print, 29 x 39cm, Nadja Bournonville and David O'Kane, 2010



Invite for Process Room, Irish Museum of Modern Art, 2009



Proposal for sculpture, idea and text, 2008














Poster for part one designed by Joachim Bartsch, 2008




Postcard for exhibition, 2008




Bookcover for 'The Things I see when I close my eyes', 2006
Drawing by Emily Robertson